Photo by  Mike Scioli

Photo by Mike Scioli

About Me

The long of the short is, I am on a mission to empower people. Whether through plant medicine, music, Krav Maga, crystals, or other types of modalities, I believe that the focus should be on the untapped power of the individual and what resonates within their spirits.

My hometown, where I grew up and currently reside, is West Chester, Pennsylvania, a place that has bared witness to my growth both personally and professionally…

Plant Medicine

In December of 2017 I completed my Masters in Nutrition, Integrative Health, and Herbalism at the Maryland University of Integrative Health; an accomplishment that stems from my innate desire to aide those in need of support, as they transition to a healthier lifestyle.


I am proud to be the lead singer in the band, Leo Moon, which has been a lifelong passion project. Singing has always brought me that which I wish to bring to others…joy.

Crystal Jewelry

I am the creator of the jewelry line, Hawk Couture which includes unique, handmade crystal-based jewelry infused with Reiki healing and blessed with joy and abundance, so the wearer may be guided by light as they journey through life.

While I have always been involved in the ‘magical’ world of working with crystals and nature, my journey with the healing modalities began after living with a chronic illness for many years and finally saying ‘enough.’

My Story

At the age of 20 I was finishing my degree in Communications at Temple University, teaching Krav Maga, Israeli Self Protection, and performing as a singer songwriter at local venues. My life was busy and my future looked bright. During a several months long Outward Bound trip through Europe I began experiencing symptoms of fatigue, joint and muscular pain, daily migraines, and cognitive decline. These symptoms soon would progress into a mysterious and debilitating condition. Months passed, and it was not until walking became difficult that a nurse practitioner diagnosed me with Lyme disease. It appeared that I had had it for over a year.

The diagnosis led to a series of PICC line IV treatments and intermittent antibiotic use for several months. I was told that there was no real chance of ever really getting better, and the pursuit of a successful, healthy future was questionable. I fell into a trap of despair.

To the outside world it might have appeared that I was happy and thriving. My band at the time, The Moxy was gaining traction in the Tri-State area. We appeared on MTV2 for a live performance at the Susquehanna Center, so needless to say I should have felt on top of the world, but behind the scenes my quality of life was poor and my health deteriorating.

This was a pivotal time in my life. Birthdays and other special occasions have always marked a time of change and resolutions, and that is exactly how I marked my 30th birthday. I could no longer stand being defined by my diagnosis, and in spite of being told that I would always be sick, I refused to give up. I made a promise to truly care for myself by using the healing modalities that I had innately been drawn to study. To me, it did not matter if I remained sick or not, it was the promise of self-care that made the difference. I was taking my health into my own hands after years of being told that my symptoms were fabrications of my imagination and continuously relying on pharmaceuticals as band-aids for an illness I was told would always persist. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. It was here that I took the first step toward my path as a healer.

I became a Reiki master, invested time in studying crystal healing, working with oracle cards, and meditation. I founded the company Twin Tree Healing, with my sister. It was focused on spiritual, intuitive, and shamanistic healing. For years we taught classes, trainings, and workshops in-person and online. Inevitably these healing modalities led me to the world of traditionally medicinal plants and nutrients. It is my nature to help others before myself, but I knew that in order to help others I needed to first dedicate my energy to healing myself. 

In two years my life was radically different. No more pain medication, no more intermittent antibiotics, and less days feeling, “Lymed.” My bright future was back, and I began to see more possibilities ahead that I had ever imagined.


Through my battle with Lyme I found my purpose, my belief that human beings are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for, and I decided that I wanted to help others see their bright futures, to know there is hope.


My approach to healing is integrative. Having a mother who is a physician (and an amazing one at that), I respect all healing modalities to have their place, it’s just a matter of knowing when and where to utilize each. I believe that we are like plants we heal and grow just like nature. With each seed that is planted in the darkness of soil there is the intention to root, to rise, and to appreciate the brightness of day with respect for the darkness of night. Wherever you are in your journey to the surface, know that I believe in your strong roots, your intention to heal, and the magic in you that will make it possible.


Let’s do this, together. 


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