Leo Moon

If Black Sabbath, Florence and the Machine, and Deftones had a baby, you might end up with Leo Moon.

Leo Moon is a Philadelphia-based rock and roll band, with influences of post-hardcore, classic rock, and at times electronic and indie acoustic.

Created by Taylor Olde, Greta Hotmer, Ahmed Smith, and Nick Bozzelli; musicians who have shared the stage with such bands as Young The Giant, The Sounds, CKY, INNERPARTYSYSTEM, Terrible Things (featuring Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday), and Kill Hannah.

After spending a few years working on a previous project, the band members decided to switch gears. Inspired by the songs that were coming to life from Taylor’s killer rock riffs and Greta’s melodic yet powerful vocals, the contrast of light and dark, sun and moon, was undeniable; a new band, a new sound, was begging to be born. In astrology, Leo represents the energy of the sun, and the solar eclipse in their logo is a physical depiction of the music these musicians create.

Our newest songs that are now on iTunes, Spotify, etc, were recorded at Ocean Studios in Burbank California and Noisy Little Critter Studios in Thorndale, PA.

Connect with us here:

For licensing requests: leomoon@yahoo.com

YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/leomoonbetelgeuse

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/leomoonband

IG: @leomoonband

FB: Fb.me/LeoMoonBand

Twitter: @leomoonband

Snapchat: @leomoonband